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Patient Feedback

I had a breathing problem. Dr. Cigdem performed my Rhinoplasty surgery. I reached him at the recommendation of my friend. My operation went very well, the process was very successful. It has been 13 months, and I am very pleased. There was also a small aesthetic intervention, and I am happy with the result. Mr. Cigdem is a kind person. He informs his patients about all treatment processes. He explains all details separately. My controls were also done regularly. I did not have any trouble, I am fine.

I reached Berat Bey to have Rhinoplasty. I needed an intervention in terms of both my health problem and aesthetics. I had a successful operation. During my control process, Doctor Berat took good care of me. His close interest pleased me. The results of my surgery are excellent. I recommend him to everyone.

I had breathing and aesthetic problems in my nose. I wanted to have this fixed. I had the surgery, and it went well. After a week, I was completely healed, and it took 1 year to get the final shape of my nose. The results of my surgery satisfied me. Dr. Berat’s calmness and patience made me very happy. He had a genuine interest in my problem. Everything happened as we talked about before the surgery. I thank him very much.

I made contact with Mr. Berat at the recommendation of someone… My child had 6 fingers, and he had an operation for this problem. He had a magnificent surgery. Whether it was our controls or the interest, everything was great. Berat Bey is a perfect plastic surgeon, thanks. My child is very good now. That was a very pleasing process. I thank him very much.

With the recommendation of a patient, I preferred Dr. Berat Çiğdem. In our first meeting, he created the image of a confident and knowing physician; This created trust in me. I had a severe Deviation and Concha problem. Physically, my nose was disturbing me very much. I wanted to have surgery and I did. I was very satisfied both in terms of appearance and health. I got an aesthetic and natural nose. My relatives still do not understand that I have surgery. I am very pleased that my doctor took action by taking my attention, confidence, and opinions. I am very glad to know him, and you can have surgery on him without hesitation; he gives confidence.

I reached him for receiving treatment. My friend had recommended him to me. In the first consultation, he instilled confidence in me and showed me the results of the treatments he had done. Seeing natural results made me feel very comfortable. After that, I continued to the botox application. Mr. Cigdem is a doctor who has deep knowledge of his work. He gave me clear information and explanations about the operations that I need. You can see clearly that he has confidence in himself. He is a physician who takes care of the eligibility of the treatments for his patient. I am very pleased. I am thinking of going for Lip Filler as well. I highly recommend him.

I am very pleased with the rhinoplasty operation I had about three months ago, I would like to thank my successful doctor Berat and his warm-blooded smiling team. See you 6 months later for the Lip Filler procedure.

I had glass cut scars from my childhood on my arm.This scar looked very bad, and it was affecting me psychologically. After consultation, Op.Dr. Berat told me that we could treat it with the Z-Plasti method. After the operation, the scar on my arm was minimized, and the previous terrible image disappeared. Thank you Berat Çiğdem…

I had  on Mr. Berat. rhinoplasty. It has been 1 week. I had control today. It went super like my surgery. I found Mr. Berat myself. But I’m so happy now that I found him. I recommend him to everyone. I am healthy, and I have a great nose now.


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